If there was a way to create your dream home without emptying your savings, would you be interested in knowing how? Of course! That’s precisely why I have the resources available for a step-by-step quick start guide to the FHA 203K Loan process. I want you to be as educated and informed as possible before you buy your next home or refinance and remodel your existing home.


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The FHA 203K loan offers everything you could want for that home needing a little TLC to a complete renovation. Whether it is fantastic short sales or foreclosure deals, or fixing up your home by adding a new deck, getting rid of that shag carpet, updating appliances, saving the purchase deal that the bank turned down due to property condition or a major remodel that turns fixer upper homes into dream homes, the FHA 203K loan can help you.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many NJ real estate agents who are aware of this program or feel comfortable doing these types of transactions. In fact, most mortgage lenders in Burlington County are unable to fund these loans because they lack the necessary knowledge or capability to do so. My goal is to provide an overview on the process from beginning to end when using an FHA 203K loan to purchase a property.